Monday, May 14, 2007

Fat Cat: 27lbs of Fluffy Love

Not long ago we had to give Linus a shave down because he's gotten so huge he can't reach his back end. He's not all that keen on letting us brush him either (I'm sure at least one of us has scars to prove it).

<--This is the face he makes if you approach with a brush. (He's modeling a 'Turtle Fur' Neckwarmer which we were expressly told not to make our cats wear...we couldn't resist rebelling...he wasn't amused) To make up for his lack of self-grooming, he doles it out to the other animals.

in point:
He decided this statue was his kindred spirit...
Fat & Grey with a smugly content expression on its mug.
He spent hours kissing and cuddling with it
before we took it out to the garden.

This one defies evolutionary logic:
Jasper was no ordinary rabbit. Outside of our domesticated sphere Linus would have given him a run for his life. However, in our house Jasper truly thought he was a cat and would even chase and tussle with the kitties (he usually won--e.g. cat retreating to a rabbit free zone with mad-tail and bruised ego).

Some of them appreciate his
attention more than others:

Linus maintains Skippy in a state of pristine fluffdom.

It's like petting silk; Skippy has never had so much as a snarl in his life. If Linus put half this much effort into his own grooming he'd still be fluffy (note video predates his shaving episode).

Of course, not everyone is as appreciative of his attentions as Skippy:

CJ still doesn't appreciate baths from the Lion, but now she's big enough to kick his butt...he is especially vulnerable to a good butt kicking now that lacks his protective fluff.

Cool Cat

CJ considers the fridge a portal into "Cold World", the magical land where the cold cuts live. When she hears door open to the blast of iciness she races into the kitchen with her legs slipping in all directions, screeching an atonal Chinese opera-like howl (or is that redundant?). She climbs into the doorway ledge and sings a few more verses. After she gets what she wants (usually, ham), she tries to squeeze under the door. Not sure why this holds more appeal than walking back out and around the way she came, but it's clearly more exciting for her. And even if we don't have anything delicious to give her, she looks beautiful basking in the warm glow of "Cold World"....