Tuesday, August 19, 2008

So you're going off to college...

Obviously we know you're brilliant, have loads of common sense and think you are going to have a blast in college...BUT your nieces and nephews wanted to pass on some sage words of advice.

1) You are a beautiful and awesome
person exactly the way you are,

so artificial enhancements just aren't necessary.

2) You're much cuter when you're in a good mood, so...

keep those peevish expressions on reserve for your visits home ;)

3) School can be exhausting and make you positively cross-eyed...

so listen to your body...

and take frequent naps.

4) This is the Internet age
(like you've known it any other way, right?),
so remember anything you do,

no matter how silly or dumb it looks,
could end up online for all to see......
and looking shocked about it won't do you any good.
"I can't believe you just took a picture
of me making that face!
You're not gonna post it are you?
I'm gonna look like such a dumbass."

*5) Aimee has decided she has something to add after all:
Be careful where you leave piles of laundry...
...as they can grow strange things:
...and they're not usually this cute:
"Okay, I said my bit, I can go back to sleep now, 'kay?"

6)We're here to listen anytime.
We love you!
You're gonna have an awesome time!!!

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