Monday, April 2, 2007

As if we didn't have enough....

We already have six cats, two dogs, two rabbits and more fish than we can accurately count, but now the local wildlife has started adopting us.

from the top left, clockwise: Calamity Jane (CJ); Kirby the Floppy Lop; Skippy the Weird; Orion the Annoying; Anna the Aussie; Flipper & Jaws; Carats; Lucy (with the very cool accessories of grass on her tongue and mud on her nose); Piper a.k.a Stripey Pipes; Aimee (center) and Linus the Fluffy Lion.

Gloria the Spy-->

This is Gloria, the Guinea Fowl, who I ignorantly dubbed a turkey for the first two days she was here. She made her fist appearance while I was out doing yard work by sneaking up from behind and then singing her very silly song...she sounds like an old-fashioned printer.

She is most welcome in our yard as she considers ticks and fleas to be
quite delicious. We initially, foolishly, flattered ourselves that she was watching us through the office window, and then we read that these silly birds are reflection obsessed--she was only looking at herself in the window. We have since given her a mirror, where she stands for hours on end preening and admiring her gorgeous self.

Guinea on a Hot Shed Roof
This is what happens when an
Australian Shepard attempts to herd a "Turkey"

check back with this station soon!

In our next episode:
"Mirror, Mirror, on the tree,
who's a sexier bird than me?"

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Anonymous said...

As I said in my last E-mail, she is a GLORIAous bird, and her blogspot is as captivating as she is.=

Give her a peck from me (us).