Sunday, April 8, 2007

Chicken Head

When snow came back this weekend to haunt our otherwise pleasant spring, we wondered what our new feathered friend would do--we are not experienced with the ways of the wild Guinea Fowl, and are not yet equipped with all weather bird housing. On Saturday morning, when the snow had accumulated a couple of inches on our tulips, Gloria did come knocking on the office window, but then she disappeared for the rest of the day.
We kept tapping on the windows, which usually brings her running, but to no avail. I was shocked at how quickly I had become attached to this odd little (well, big) bird, and was afraid she had abandoned us for someplace more hospitable to her needs.
When we turned in for the night, we decided to open the window for some fresh air, and were quite startled (
screams and jumping and everything) to discover her sitting IN the bedroom window. Obviously the camera was quickly fetched. We fell asleep to the dulcet croonings of our fluffy headed chicken friend.

"Voyeuristic Chickenhead: On the Bedroom Ledge"

Easter brought the warm(ish) weather back, and the featherhead was happily back to her window peeking, bug chasing, and yard digging. Today's discovery: she loves to be serenaded in the highest pitch one can muster. If you stop singing, she bangs the window for more.

The "Glorious Bird" in her window waiting for a song


Sara said...


I live in England and have 18 guinea fowl. They are great birds who although independent, do get to recognise voices.
I found out two years ago that guinea fowl really do not like snow because although mine go inside at night, on this occasion I couldn't get them back into their hut because of the snow, so they roosted in the trees for a few nights. I have one that looks just like yours, she is called Diana.
Anyway I hope this guinea fowl gives you as much pleasure as mine do.
I have really enjoyed reading your article.

Sara from farmingfriends in the UK.

Tristan said...

Glad you're enjoying the adventures of Gloria. We are quite glad she found us, and hope she sticks around.